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  1. The Essential Tank
    The Essential Tank
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  2. The Essential Tank
    The Essential Tank
    15% Off
    As low as ₹1,913 Regular Price ₹2,250
  3. The Selene Tank
    The Selene Tank
    As low as ₹2,650
  4. The Selene Tank
    The Selene Tank
    As low as ₹2,650
  5. The Mocking Bird Top
    The Mocking Bird Top
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  6. The Mocking Bird Top
    The Mocking Bird Top
    As low as ₹2,450
  7. The All Eyes On You Top
    The All Eyes On You Top
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  8. The All Eyes On You Top
    The All Eyes On You Top
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  9. Keep It Cool Tank + Sports Bra
    Keep It Cool Tank + Sports Bra
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  10. Keep It Cool Tank + Sports Bra
    Keep It Cool Tank + Sports Bra
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  11. The Easy Breezy Top
    The Easy Breezy Top
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Seek Equilibrium (seeq) evolved from the idea of continuous self improvement. The idea of finding your next level while striving for more. Look at us - we are a company birthed in the crucible of chaos (looking at you, 2020). We believe that change - true change - only comes from the unrelenting commitment to mind over matter. It stems from the pure obsession with one's personal growth and the endless possibilities that arise from it.

We seek to successfully marry the aesthetic with the athletic, incorporating cutting edge technology every step of the way. At Seeq, quality is at the centre of everything we do; we are uncompromising. Why? Seeq is the armour you don; a ritual in your performance and a tool for personal growth. We are committed to you - it was created keeping you in mind!


It might be challenging to get yourself to leave the house and go to your workout. Our collection of women jacket online India is designed to help you ease into action so you can get out feeling great. Whether you're going to the gym, doing errands after a class, or getting a cup of coffee to discuss a game, do it in a woman sports jacket and sportswear that make you feel fabulous no matter how hard you've worked. The significance of maintaining a proper fitness and exercise routine cannot be overstated. Adding exercise into our daily routine is a must with our increasingly sedentary lifestyles. As more individuals become aware of this reality, exercise and working out have become essential in their daily routine. Having said that, we are aware that the need for appropriate workout gear or activewear has skyrocketed. It is critical to appear intelligent and self-assured. Wearing the right-fitting clothing that is attractive and comfy will give you the confidence boost you require. The women jacket online that are well-fitted might help you feel more confident. You don't have to spend a lot of money all the time if you like to display your style statement in attractive clothes and look wonderful. Choose an outfit that fits your style and is within your budget. We offer a large selection of Jackets for Women Online in India at SEEQ that will make you seem highly athletic and uber-cool. Ensure that any woman sports jacket online you select is neither too tight nor too loose. This might interfere with your performance and prevent you from working out effectively. Women's jackets exist in a wide range of styles and colours, and you may pick the ones that best suit your comfort and style. Jackets come in a variety of styles, colours, and patterns, depending on whether you want a casual, aesthetic, or practical look. Our extensive range of woman sports jacket online India will leave you spoiled for choice, whether you want to visit the gym, go for a run, practise yoga, or perform any of your favourite workouts. A women jacket online India is the most vital piece you can add to your sports wardrobe if you want to create an impact while pursuing your goals. Innovative textile technology will help you maintain a comfortable body temperature by blocking out wind and rain while wicking away moisture to keep you dry. All women jacket online have been created to be both fashionable and practical. Their lovely tiny accents brighten up wet days and boost your workout confidence. Don't let terrible weather or frigid temperatures keep you from participating in outdoor activities. Clothing serves as a tremendous motivator for many of us. Our attire may significantly influence our mood and confidence levels, whether we're heading to work, a party, or the gym. As a result, the unrivalled high of buying new workout clothes plays a far more significant impact than we realise. You may desire to lose a few pounds but are unable to do so due to a lack of motivation. Wearing your favourite woman sports jacket with matching track trousers and comfortable sneakers, on the other hand, can be just the motivation you need to reach a larger fitness goal. Protect yourself with women's jackets that provide protection and warmth when the weather outside gets chilly, wet, or stormy. Whether you're looking for a jacket to wear on a daily basis or for your workout, you'll discover a style that fits your demands. When you wear jackets, you'll get the most protection. After you've decided on your jacket's design, consider the various fits available, such as a normal fit with a straight cut or a slim fit with a close fit to the body. A jacket is more than just a layer of warmth; it's an essential component of any fitness ensemble that provides style and balance. These jackets for women are meant to deliver the style and comfort you desire, whether you want to dominate the competition in summer sports like tennis or golf, or you need an edgy piece of outerwear. SEEQ's multi-functional woman sports jacket online for workout lovers adds dimension to your style while also providing encouragement for your activities. Gym jackets were explicitly designed for female athletes to wear during competitive events. As the fitness craze swept the globe, it drew the attention of both fashionistas and fitness buffs.

Here’s how you can style jackets:

  • Jackets for Women Online in India are best for intense workouts and should be paired with less restricting, sweat-wicking, and lightweight bottoms. A lightweight jacket looks best with lightweight joggers or sweatpants made of cotton or polyester.
  • In the freezing winter, pair your running jackets with full-length wool sweatpants.
  • Wear a high-coverage sports bra with a woman sports jacket online India from our extensive collection throughout the warmer months. You may simply substitute some comfy workout shorts with the track pants. 

Explore a plethora of women's jacket alternatives. Whether you're looking for a jacket for your workout or hiking and trekking, we've got you covered. We created a fitness jacket to complete your workout wardrobe. It's ideal for use before, during, and after your workouts. The jacket is light and stretchy, with moisture control and elasticity. With a jacket on, you may now have a comfortable training session. A lightweight jacket can be readily stashed in your gym bag or rucksack, ready to be grabbed whenever the weather cools down. Comfortable running jackets are available in a variety of colours and styles, so pick your favourite, increase your energy, and hit the road hard. Make your sports gear more inspiring by adding bursts of colour and designs - travelling to your workout session has never felt so nice. So, with the selection of amazing gym coats, have fun during Pilates, yoga sessions, and other physical training activities. If you’ve been looking to buy woman sports jacket, you’ve come to the right place. Check out our website https://www.seeqactive.com/shop/jackets  to buy woman sports jacket today.

Yoga is, without a doubt, the most effective way to keep in shape. Aside from that, it offers a number of additional health benefits. It helps you to relax, reflect, and discover yourself.  Whatever your reason for doing yoga, it's vital to understand the importance of proper yoga wear for women in order to get the most out of your session. The right yoga clothes will allow you to move freely, wick away moisture, and keep you comfortable. Yoga is supposed to bring you calm, and picking yoga clothes for women shouldn't detract from that. This is why SeeqActive creates comfortable yoga wear for women in a variety of colors, sizes, and materials. Yoga shirts, regardless of style, are one of the most popular choices among women. These tops are constructed of moisture-wicking, breathable material, which is a wise choice when you want to avoid itchy skin and teased armpits. Workout clothes are also simply available to purchase online. 

This is what you should keep in mind while shopping for yoga gear for women:

  • Breathability: If you sweat a lot, you should choose a breathable and moisture-absorbent material.
  • Comfort: You'll want yoga clothes that are easy to move in and don't have a drooping feel.
  • Form-Fitting: Finding the perfect fit can be tricky, so try any yoga clothing for ladies before purchasing.
  • Adaptability: Because yoga workout positions necessitate flexibility, your outfit should do the same.
  • Support: Your yoga garments should be durable and provide the right amount of support as you practise yoga workout online.
  • Dampness wicking: Working out entails putting your body through the rigours of excessive sweat. Unique yoga clothes for women are the hero here since they are exceptionally moisture-wicking, keeping you fresh and sweat-free throughout the day.
  • Movement simplicity: Your yoga leggings allow you to move about freely whether you're lounging, stretching, or doing yoga workout online. Yoga leggings have a stretchy feel that doesn't restrict or obstruct your mobility. The only things you had a chance to memorise were the proper size and texture.
  • Versatile: You can wear them to the gym or a yoga workout class, but you can wear them everywhere. Take a stroll or collect your groceries in the most stylish way imaginable.

Our online selection of yoga tops India is designed to help you transcend and reach your full potential throughout your yoga practice. It has an ultra-comfortable fit that provides a secure feeling throughout an intense workout. It's the perfect time to work out in style with fitness clothes from the comfort of your own home. Whether you're looking for something for low-sway yoga meets or intense stance sessions, we've got you covered with our extensive choice of yoga tops India. Here are a few benefits womens yoga workout tops online give you:

  • Liberties of movement: It comes with a second-skin top that moves with you precisely.
  • Management of moisture: It's comprised of water-resistant technical fabric.
  • Chafing is less of an issue: There are no chafing spots because of the seamless construction.

So, what are you waiting for? Choose yoga clothing that fits you best to get the most out of your workout. SeeqActive is a pioneer in providing the best yoga wear for women. You can buy yoga workout online india from SeeqActive, as we have a large selection of womens yoga workout tops online. Check out our website https://www.seeqactive.com/yoga to buy yoga workout online india and do yoga in style.

You know which form of exercise is ideal for your body: a strenuous workout, a moderate warm-up activity, or anything in between. But did you realise that specific workout attire is superior to others? The clothes you wear during your training session might have an impact on how you feel both during and after the workout. So, whether you're doing vigorous exercise, yoga, running, or Zumba, it's vital to wear appropriate leggings online India. Activewear delivers efficiency in addition to breathability.

Leggings are a godsend for any woman. It's a multipurpose item of clothing that almost everyone has in their closet. You can wear womens workout leggings online when jogging, exercising, or performing yoga because they are so comfy and stretchy. Not only that, but you may match it with a top to complete your casual ensemble. Alternatively, our leggings will keep you warm at home throughout the colder months.

If you're seeking ultra-comfortable yoga leggings, these pair of yoga pants are perfect for you because it's flexible and soft.

Seeq Active ladies gym leggings online for women are made of light and breathable fabrics that fit correctly on the body.

Leggings are generally thinner than yoga pants or workout trousers. Leggings may be worn with almost anything for a casual event, although women's gym pants are best suited for athletic purposes. The best workout legging is body-hugging and stretchy, with various alternatives for a full-power exercise or yoga practice.

The leggings with pockets are designed to fit your bottom in the correct places, defining all of your contours while allowing effortless and breezy movement. These leggings online are ideal for any physical activity, including yoga, pilates, functional training, cardio, and other sports.

Believe the hype. SeeqActive provides a large selection of leggings online that will become your new go-to 'fit for every workout or day off. These leggings online India are available in various styles and sizes that complement your body and support all of your motions. Count all of your athletic workout leggings online, and that's only the beginning. Our women's workout leggings are available in a wide range of styles.

The seamless legging has a significant impact on your confidence. When you feel good in your attire, your performance improves naturally. Furthermore, seamless gym leggings are functional and prevent damage; improper sportswear might sabotage your workout.

The ladies gym leggings online offer sweat-wicking technology for all-day comfort and aerobic workouts. Our black leggings with pockets are made of a silky fabric with little coverage and a terrific fit that makes you feel like you're wearing nothing.

With a design that gives you a burst of confidence with every stride, your performance has never felt so free with our black leggings with pockets.

With seamless legging, it's the perfect opportunity to work out in elegance. Whether you need something for low-sway meetings or rigorous gym workouts, our extensive online collection of seamless gym leggings has you covered. What are you waiting for? Choose the best-fitting workout leggings online so that you can keep moving.

The women's workout leggings, out of all the major sportswear trends right now, are proving to be the most resilient. One reason for their meteoric rise to prominence is that they're designed to chafe less, and leggings with pockets have fewer locations where stitching may scrape into your skin when doing activities that entail lying on your side.

Buy gym leggings online since they have a significant impact on your confidence, both indirectly and genuinely. When you feel good in your attire, your performance improves naturally. Furthermore, yoga leggings are practical and prevent damage; the improper pair of womens workout leggings online might sabotage your workout.

If you’ve been looking for the best workout legging, you’ve come to the right place. Check out our website https://www.seeqactive.com/shop/bottoms to buy gym leggings online today!

Do you prefer yoga, HIIT, or running? Whatever your sport, get ready to break a sweat in our Gym Top online, which is the perfect blend of fashion and fitness. We've got it all, from supportive Sports Bra Online to comfortable cycling shorts, shaping leggings, Sportswear Tops, and more. The correct women Tees and Tops online can motivate you to keep up your workout programme and improve your performance. Whether you're a fitness fanatic or a lady with a sporting background, the correct sportswear is vital for pursuing your objectives comfortably. With the tiniest of changes, the Latest designer tops collection may be transformed into a day out outfit. The significance of proper Sportswear Tops is well understood. All you need is decent sportswear and a lot of hard effort and desire to produce your best performance. On SEEQ, you'll find the greatest athletic women Tees and Tops online that match your style. It's critical to be at ease while exercising. You'll be able to focus on your workout if you wear the correct Gym Top online, joggers, shorts, and so on. With ease, you'll be able to bend, stretch, jump, and do so much more. These tops are available in various sizes, colours, and designs, allowing you to select the ones that best fit your needs. Stylish tops for women look excellent and make it easier for you to stroll about. You may wear them out with friends, on vacations, while doing errands, walking your dog, and so on. These tops come in a variety of colours and designs, allowing you to change up your look every day. Gym gear has been developed to meet the demands of the growing number of women who visit the gym to attain their fitness objectives. Many women like simple and comfy Stylish tops for women for their appearance and utility. Women go to the gym on a regular basis to maintain their fitness, reduce or gain weight, and develop abs and muscle. Because these activities need a great deal of physical exertion, it's critical to dress appropriately in order to do the exercises correctly. Cardio, weight lifting, bench press, push-ups, treadmill, and other strenuous activities generate a lot of body heat, which leads to excessive perspiration. As a result, a light and breezy Top for girls is ideal for the gym. Gym tops are comprised of light, sweat-wicking materials that are ideal for heavy-duty workouts. They may be hand-washed or machine-washed after usage, depending on your desire. Because of their basic design and fabric, they are easy to wash and reuse without the need for ironing. These Top for girls are adaptable and may be used for a variety of activities such as working out at the gym, running, and jogging. Athleisure for women is also made in such a manner that it may be worn on a casual day out with friends. Its adaptability and Latest designer tops collection make it appropriate for a variety of social settings. Choose a sweat-wicking fabric like polyester, modal, or nylon for activities that need intense training. You'll need a well-fitting sports bra to support your breasts while playing, jogging, or exercising. Thanks to their elastane elasticity and double-layered front panel, these sports bras give optimal comfort. A good Sports Bra Online reduces the influence of gravity on your breasts and regulates breast mobility to give pleasant support and avoid breast pain during intense physical activity. A solid Sports Bra Online is essential gym clothing that provides relief from pain and protects your breast tissues, whether you're doing low-impact activities like yoga or pilates or high-intensity workouts like HIIT or running. If you’ve been looking to buy Tees and Tops online india, you’ve come to the right place. Check out our website https://www.seeqactive.com/shop/tops-tees to buy Tees and Tops online india today!